Motivation is Not Enough: Building Habits that Sustain Growth


First off, motivation on its own doesn’t work! You need a lot more than merely being motivated to succeed. Motivation can only take you so far.

We are always trying to motivate ourselves to get work done, accomplish goals, and do better but being motivated is just a temporary fix to being uninspired, lazy, and unmoved. In this article, we’ll discuss why motivation is insufficient and what other things to focus on to get better results.


Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Motivation


  • Motivation Is Inconsistent

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing; that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Zig Ziglar

Why do you sometimes feel pumped and ready to take on the world, but other times feel downcast? Because our level of motivation isn’t always the same. It would be great if we could remain highly motivated all the time, but motivation is momentary and inconsistent. So depending solely on it will stop us from creating consistent results.


  • Motivation Is Limited

Motivation depends largely on willpower, and unfortunately, we can run out of that. We can feel all used up and exhausted. If you are waiting for motivation to take action, you may never accomplish what you want. Lacking motivation from time to time is typical, that is why we need to create a mindset that pushes us to chase our goals whether we are motivated or not.


  • Motivation is based on many changing factors

Motivation is not enough because it is based on many factors we cannot always predict with certainty. Our energy levels are one of the things that affect our motivation. External circumstances and events can also affect our energy and motivation. If you have to work out but wake up feeling tired, you may not be as motivated to get yourself to the gym. The fluctuation and constant change in emotions make relying solely on motivation ineffective for long-term results.


What to Do Instead of Focusing on Motivation

It is not enough for us to tell you that motivation alone won’t take you far without suggesting actions that can make a difference. Rather than focusing on motivation, redirect your attention to inspired actions. Unlike motivation, which is passive and inconsistent, inspired action comes from a place of healthy self-love and is based on your internal values that cannot typically be swayed. In addition to inspired actions, here are other things you can focus on instead of motivation:


  • Focus On Building Habits

If working out becomes a habit, you won’t need to feel motivated to do it. Habits take the decision-making out of the process. You don’t need to decide whether or not to brush your teeth in the morning; you do it. By building healthy habits, you are building towards your goals by making actions that all add up. You wouldn’t need to be motivated to achieve your goal.


  • Aim For Clarity

Rather than endeavouring to stay motivated, aim for clarity. A lack of motivation may sometimes be a result of confusion. All you may need to get past the point you are in life is to ask the right questions and gain answers to your worries. Make sure that your tasks and goals are specific and actionable. Instead of letting yourself sink into a slum, commit your time to get clarity on the matter.


  • Change Identity

People probably say, “I am a thinker,” “I am a doer,” or a procrastinator. Those are the identities they have adopted and, as such, tackle goals and situations differently. When you think you are a specific person, you will act that way, motivated or not. What you can do is change your identity. Rather than being a procrastinator, be a doer. Be the type of person who takes action without needing to be motivated.


  • Focus On Getting Started

Just start! Get out of your head and take the first step. Our brains often trick us into thinking something is more complicated than it is. But once you get started, it becomes easier to continue. Remember, a thing in motion stays in motion. Please do what you need to do even when you don’t feel like it.



Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to be motivated all the time to get things done. Motivation isn’t enough, and you need to stop wasting time getting motivated when you can start by putting one foot in front of the other. When you start focusing on building healthy habits and changing your perception of yourself, you’ll learn that once the ball starts rolling, it doesn’t stop.




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