How to Have Fun and Keep Memories: Highly Recommended Tips

Having fun is not a waste of time. On the contrary, fun is an essential part of your life, and you should prioritize it. It could be hanging out with friends for drinks, going to see the latest minions’ movie, or playing in the park with your kids and your pets.

In the words of Maroon 5, “Memories bring back memories,” and as things would have it, life is a catalogue of experiences; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Once they have passed, they all become memories, some of which you’d rather remember than forget.

The problem comes with immortalising these good times, so they last forever. Thankfully, we live in a world where everything is possible with technology. So, what will I be sharing in this post? how to have fun and be in the moment but also immortalise those moments so they last forever. 


Why having fun is good for you?

Aside from having a good time (which I highly recommend), creating time to have fun has various mental and physical benefits you shouldn’t ignore. Let’s look at some of these benefits below: 


  • Reduced stress

The stress hormone known as cortisol, commonly called the “fight or flight hormone,” increases to unhealthy levels when we are under stress. Too much of this hormone can cause weight gain and anxiety and reduce the body’s ability to fight off infections. Having fun helps you manage stress and keep your cortisol levels at normal. You see! It's science!


  • Sweet serotonin

Consider serotonin as the opposite of cortisol. Serotonin is the sweet hormone that increases when you have fun. It is a chemical that helps regulate mood, body temperature, memory, and sleep patterns. By participating in leisurely activities, your body relaxes and produces more serotonin which helps improve your quality of sleep, mood, and memory. You can’t argue with science.


  • Improve ability to cope

Let’s face it; life is a bed of roses with some pretty sharp thorns. Work gets hectic; running a home and managing relationships and businesses; can all get very stressful, and you can break down quickly in the face of such situations. Having fun helps you cope with everything else that you have going on. When unfavourable circumstances arise, you’ll be able to tap into your reserve of calm and tranquillity.


  • Boosted energy

How do you feel after a vacation or a day at the beach? I feel rested and full of energy! That’s what having fun does for you. It helps boost your energy levels and makes you more mentally awake, less tired, and more capable. So, if you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, or just exhausted, take some time off to have fun with your friends, go for a walk on the beach, or do anything else you find enjoyable.


  • Improved connection with others

Building relationships and connections with other people is a fundamental part of human existence. Improving these connections with friends and family is an essential benefit of having fun. Taking time to enjoy activities with the people you love gives us a sense of usefulness, connection, and power.


How to keep memories safe forever

After enjoying a delightful picnic or dancing until your feet are numb at your sister's wedding, what comes next? In this section of the post, I will share some methods for preserving memories for yourself and future generations. Be sure to read to the end.


  • Journaling

Memories have been safely stored through words throughout history. The Bible might as well be the most famous journal there is. Keeping a journal or a diary is a great way to document the moments that are most important to you. They allow you to improve your writing skills and create a safe space for memories while honing your creativity.

You might find writing every day quite challenging, but it’s perfectly ok only to write when you have something unique to say or about the most memorable things.

Make your journals more interesting by adding visual representations such as postcards and drawings or try scrapbooking.


  • Taking photos and videos

The caveman, ancient Egyptians, and the Asian cultures keep memories through their idea of photographs. They made paintings and drawings on walls etc. we have it much easier! With your phone, you can quickly take a picture or make a video and store it.

Take photographs and store them on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can also safely store your memories on cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive, dropbox, and many others.

If you choose to share your images on social media sites, remember to be careful what you choose to share. The internet never forgets!


  • Gifts

You might be thinking, “Gifts? How do gifts help you keep memories?” Don’t you look at the pretty bag you got for your birthday and think about the person who gave you and the entire event? Yes! Gifts are a great way to keep memories. They provide something tangible to hold on to and remind you of a particular moment in your life.

Some gifts are passed down as family heirlooms that carry history and stories from generations back.


  • Celebrating events

Another way to keep memories alive forever is by celebrating events. Some of the most famous events celebrated worldwide, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day, are reminiscent of things that happened many years ago. Your birthday or anniversary celebration is one such event.

These celebrations trigger us to remember the beautiful and meaningful memories we want to keep alive.


  • Getting in contact with old friends

I recently got together with some friends from high school. It was great to return to those times and relive our childhood memories. These interactions help you keep the memories, build connections and fortify your relationships. It helps you stay in touch with a part of yourself that you may have lost in time. So don’t skip that class reunion this year! You should go for it!



We can’t say this enough; having fun is not a waste of time. It is an integral part of your emotional, mental and physical stability. How you choose to have fun is entirely up to you. You could prefer to stay home in your pyjamas and watch a movie or hit the town with your friends. Find what works for you and go with it! The moment may not last forever, but the memory will. So, if taking pictures isn’t your thing, you better start learning or grab yourself a journal. If none of this work, find new ways to preserve those precious moments close to your heart. 

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